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Barleycove Surf Camp

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Location: Barley Cove Beach, Cork, Ireland



Our core aim is to physically educate people about a healthier life through the medium of surfing, and to promote sport and physical activity within the local community.

Here at Barley Cove Surf, we are so passionate about surfing. At its most basic, surfing forces you to get out and into nature. It allows a relationship with the natural world, making you acknowledge, appreciate and care for your surroundings. Through surfing we can learn life lessons about perseverance, humility and self awareness.

I feel while team sports are catered for widely, surfing is an individual pursuit on your own terms and needs to be supported in kind. Sport has thought me how to get things done. First you have to produce a positive thought, then work out how that thought will be executed and finally complete the required actions to turn them into reality (i.e. see it, feel it, do it).

Moving out of your comfort zone can be scary, but when you do you can not only surprise yourself, but your mind can be kick started and possibilities seem limitless. Through life affirming activities ones horizons can be broadened. Our lives are defined by our thoughts, and if they are positive, then our life is good. The opposite is also true for negative thoughts, so we need to actively fill our minds with positive ones .

I cannot underestimate how important physical activity is in my life, for focus and both physical and mental health. That is why promoting sport and physical activity in communities is at the core of everything I do.

I feel the kids involved with our school will benefit hugely from our enthusiasm for surfing. They will be provided an opportunity to learn a new talent, while gaining an appreciation and respect for the coastal environment. So for both your body and soul combined, come down to Barley Cove and try your hand at surfing, you'll never turn back!

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