My sleep experiment experience in Australia


It’s been a while – the world has been pretty crazy since the last time I posted. Please check this link for sources / info regarding Black Lives Matter. BLM is not a phase – keep the conversations going, keep educating your-self, keep donating if you can, keep signing petitions and keep practising anti-racism.

Today I am writing about something weird and crazy I did during my semester abroad in Australia. I did a six month semester abroad in South Australia – Adelaide during the second half of 2018 in my third year of University.

Now, I am not the smartest with money AT ALL, and typical me – I hardly saved before I went. Let me tell you – Australia is EXPENSIVE. I wanted to do all these amazing travel plans but my bank account was suggesting otherwise. One of my lovely flat mates knew I was stressed about not being able to have enough money to do everything I wanted, so she sent me an advert she saw about wanting participants for a 10 day sleep experiment. If I completed the 10 day experiment, I would receive £800. I didn’t think twice; missed my lectures and seminars (the results didn’t count towards my actual degree), packed my bag and that was that.

The experiment was held at a research University and there were six of us – three girls and three boys. We all had our separate rooms – there were no windows in the room and everything was a weird orange colour. We weren’t allowed to converse with each other throughout our stay, only during breakfast, lunch and dinner. We were only allowed to eat the meals that were set for us, at the same time everyday. It was never enough food, lol, but that was probably me just being greedy. We had our three meals a day and we were given a few snacks throughout the day and night. We weren’t allowed to exercise, do any tasks in the day that would use a lot of brain power and we were only allowed to use our phones three hours a day. They provided us with a TV which had 250 movies (I watched SO many movies) and there were a few rubbish books.

What was the actual experiment about? They wanted to investigate what sleep patterns would make you the most effective during night shifts. The experiment wanted to measure whether the timing of sleep episodes between night shifts can be manipulated to maximise the amount/quality of sleep obtained during the daytime and minimise the impairment in cognitive function during the night. The results would be used to develop guidelines that shift-workers can be used to better cope with night shifts.

Now – the fun bit. What actually happened. Our group’s seven hour sleep condition was a five hour sleep 8am – 1pm and then a two hour sleep just before our night shift at 8pm – 10pm. We were only allowed to sleep during our set times. We then did a, ‘8 hour shift,’ between 11pm – 7am. During our 8 hour shift we completed a series of brain tasks at set times. One of the tasks for e.g. was seeing a green circle and picking what colour the circle was from a list of words; but the word red would’ve been green and the word green would’ve been blue to confuse us. We also had a driving stimulation game with a wheel and pedal as we had to drive to work and drive home from work. By the time the night shift had ended, I literally was driving off the road – I would NOT be able to drive back home after a real night shift. During the break periods between the different brain tasks we were only allowed to sit on the sofa that was in our room which was purposely uncomfortable so we didn’t fall asleep. If we did fall asleep, one of the researches who were looking at us from a secret room would come in our room and wake us up. The amount of times I wanted to say FUCK OFF AND LET ME SLEEP. Lastly, when we slept we had all these wires and stickers on us as we were connected to some sort of machine to measure our sleep, which was very uncomfortable but I got used to it by the end.

Overall it was a very interesting experience to say the least and for £800 I would probably do another similar experiment. Only one out of six of us didn’t complete the whole experiment and quit after the fourth day. It did get lonely and uncomfortable at times, but I then got to enjoy a three week trip around the East Coast of Australia which was definitely worth it.

Recent skincare purchases!


Now, I don’t know about you guys but during quarantine I have been shopping like there’s no tomorrow. For why? I don’t know. ASOS and Cult beauty are probably sick of seeing my details on their website (they most definitely aren’t #capitalism) .

Amongst all the unnecessary stuff, there’s some things that are worth mentioning. I bought a few skincare bits that I’d love to talk about.

I’ve tried a few different vitamin c serums; I’ve tried one from bodyshop, but it didn’t really do much for my skin. I also tried a sample serum from drunk elephant, and even though I could see a difference, it wasn’t worth the hefty price tag. However, the glossier one has surprised me at how fast I’ve seen results. I love how lightweight it feels on my skin, and it is so easy to spread – it isn’t sticky at all. It leaves my face feeling radiant and bright, and since using this serum alongside the one I’m about to talk about below, I’ve got a lot of compliments (through zoom and facetime) on how glowy my skin is looking.

I’ve never tried a serum with hyaluronic acid before – I know the ordinary one is quite popular but I’ve also heard that it can be quite harsh if you have sensitive skin. I really like the milky consistency in this serum – it feels very nourishing on my skin. I’ve really enjoyed using the super bounce serum along with the vitamin c serum; I normally mix them together to get both hydration and brightness in my skin.

I have been on the hunt for a good mud mask, and I know the Pixi glow mud mask is very popular. This is a very recent purchase, and I’ve only used it twice as it is recommended to use twice a week. With this mask, a little goes a long way, you only need to apply a thin layer. Pixi describe this as a, “15 minute facial,” I need to use this a few more times to really see the difference it makes, but from the first use I can see why they have said this. My skin felt thoroughly cleansed and refreshed after using this mask.

Please comment below on what your favourite quarantine purchase has been. 🙂

Jed’s quarantine album recommendations

Jed Blankson:

It’s been around 40 days since BoJo announced the lockdown and it’s a miracle how we’ve managed to stay sane throughout this strange period of our lives. In fact, I’m surprised at how quickly April flew by, April DID NOT want to see COVID-19. April said, “I’m not involved”. On a more serious note, I want to thank all our key workers on the front line who have nursed us, fed us and delivered both our essential and non-essential items; we appreciate you. However, I think our workers in the media and entertainment industries also deserve an honourable mention. Without actors, musicians and podcasters, I’m sure most of us would’ve lost our minds by now. Sonali has already blogged about what she’s been binge-watching; this week she’s asked me to blog about what I’ve been binge-listening to. So here are some of favourite albums I’ve been listening to during quarantine.

  1. Children of Zeus- Travel Light

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a music lover, I live and breathe it. My music taste varies, I’m not picky but I do have a preference for more chilled, mellow sounds. Children of Zeus are a duo from Manchester I’ve been raving about for a while. Their 2018 album ‘Travel Light’ reflects my music taste perfectly. If you like jazz, neo soul, old school hip-hop and R&B, ‘Travel Light’ is a fusion of all these genres with a modern twist. My favourite tracks from the album include ‘Kintsugi’, ‘Hard Work’ and ‘Vibrations’. Although I would recommend that you listen to the whole project from start to finish. You will not be disappointed.

  • DVSN- A Muse In Her Feelings
dvsn - A Muse In Her Feelings Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

I first came across DVSN from an insta post by Drake who announced their introduction into the OVO family. I hadn’t really paid attention to their music until I heard my heart-broken house mate blasting out ‘Hallucinations’ and ‘Conversation in a Diner’ after recently breaking up with his girlfriend. I felt his pain and decided to listen to more of DVSN’s music and I was instantly a fan. A Muse In Her Feelings is their first project since 2017 and it did not disappoint. I personally liked ‘Miss Me?’ due to its relevance with the current lockdown. ‘So What’ and ‘…Again’ are two others which stood out for me as it showed Daniel’s (the lead singer) versatility. I don’t think anyone expected a project as good as this from them and I hope to hear more!

  • Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn- The Flowers in Your Room.
Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn - The Flowers in Your Room Lyrics and ...

This hasn’t been intentional but every act I’ve mentioned so far have been duos, sorry not sorry. I guess I’m a sucker for duo acts and these two have been my favourite pair for years. I could be biased as they’re from my hometown and they went to my school, but you have to give credit where its due. Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn (FS&HG) are a producer and rapper duo from Brighton who I’ve seen grow from strength to strength in their music career. From seeing them perform at my school talent show to thousands in central London, I always feel like a proud Dad when I hear their name. FS & HG’s music is something you wouldn’t have heard before, its essentially alternate UK rap which fuses garage influences with hip-hop. Frankie’s simplistic rap style and voice sits on Harveys incredible production exceptionally. Listen to ‘Grey’, ‘Fabric’ and ‘Still’ from The Flowers in Your Room EP and you’ll hear what I mean. They’ve just released a follow up album to their highly acclaimed project ‘The Lakes’ which I’d recommend too!

  • Juls – Colour

We’re delving into my Ghanaian roots with this afro-beats style album from Juls. He fuses afro-beats with UK Rap in this body of work, hosting artists such as Knucks, Ms Banks and Mr Eazi. Juls is a great talent and again, I could be biased as he’s Ghanaian but what can I say? We make the best music AND make the best jollof. Music is like food, everyone has their own taste, however if you’re looking to get some African/UK rap vibes whilst you sit in your garden or living room, I’d definitely recommended this album. Most recently, Juls has started to produce one of favourite genres of music, South African house. He recently collaborated with South African singer-songwriter Busiswa and South-London based singer-songwriter Jaz Karis for ‘Soweto Blues’, probably one of the best tracks I’ve heard this year. Its just purely good vibes which is much needed in these times of uncertainty. I can’t wait til the lockdown down is over, and I can enjoy this track properly, soaking up the sun in a London rooftop bar or on the beach in Brighton sipping on a strawberry and lime Kopparberg.

Jed’s social media:



What I eat in a day!

Quarantine has been many things, but amongst the negatives there has been some positives. One positive is that I’ve actually been eating three meals a day which is big for me as I skip breakfast 80% of the time (I know, I know).

I am in no way shape or form a good cook or anything like that, but I love watching what I eat in a day videos so I thought it would be a fun blog post to write. So last Saturday I documented my breakfast, lunch and dinner incase anyone else liked reading / watching this kind of content.

Warning: I’ve missed out all the 10,000 snacks I eat in a day as this post would be never ending.

For breakfast I kept it healthy and simple. I normally buy a six pack greek yoghurt pots and I simply just add granola, blueberries and honey. It literally takes five minutes to make but it is really filling and yummy.

For lunch I made a Mediterranean – (ish) platter. I toasted some wholewheat pitta bread, had some pastrami and parma ham and dollop of hummus. I also chopped some baby tomato, cucumber and red onions and drizzled some olive oil and red wine vinegar.

For dinner I had my favourite healthy meal – salmon and some boiled veg. I seasoned the salmon with olive oil, honey, soy sauce, parsley, thyme, garlic, salt and pepper and kept it in the fridge for around three hours. I then just boiled some potato and broccoli and bam.

What I’ve been watching recently and loving!

I am a big TV binger! I am that person who finds a good show and stays up till the crack of dawn watching episode after episode. However, nowadays I have enough hours in the day so I don’t have to stay up until the early hours of the morning finishing a TV series.

Recently I’ve watched some great things on Amazon Prime and Netflix that I want to recommend. Just like my book recommendation post, each series is quite different from one another so hopefully there is one that interests you.

If you watch one thing from reading this blog post, PLEASE WATCH THIS! Season 1-3 is on Amazon Prime, they haven’t put season 4 on there yet but I was too impatient so I found a dodgy website to watch it on…oops. It basically follows this family and it goes back and forward in time and delves into each character throughout the series… the first episode reveals everything you need to know. This series will make you laugh, cry and want to fall in love. Please watch it, it is genuinely the best.

This has been quite popular on social media so I thought I would give it a try. I had pretty low expectations because I couldn’t see how I could get into a docuseries about cheerleading… oh was I wrong! This gripped me from the first episode and it really opened my eyes to the competitive world of cheerleading. If you saw this on Netflix and was a bit apprehensive like me, please give it a try because it was so good, interesting and emotional. I have a new found respect for cheerleaders and the crazy stunts they have to do.

I just finished watching this on Netflix today. It only has four episodes so it is really short but so well done, so much is packed in four episodes. The series is about a girl called Esty who flees her Ulta-Orthodox community in Brooklyn New York and goes to Berlin. Even though it is an American TV series, they speak a lot of Yiddish in it and a little German, but I found subtitles just fine as they do still speak English. Esty’s story was truly captivating and eye opening, and this was a great show about personal discovery.

Skincare favourites

Happy Sunday and well done for getting through the week!

Seeing as it is Sunday, I thought it was only right to talk about skincare as Sunday’s are all about pampering and self care. I haven’t always been the best at keeping up a skincare regime but recently I have found products that I’ve fell in love with and it has made me want to keep up with my skincare routine.

For me, a good cleanser, toner, eye cream and face cream are the most important skincare products. Serums and oils are useful as-well, but I really like to focus on the beginning and end steps in a skincare routine. My skin is combination but more on the dry side and it is quite sensitive so I have to be really careful with what products I use. I would like to point out that the products I mention are a little bit on the pricey side, but that is only because skincare is the one thing I really like to invest in, especially as my skin can be quite sensitive.


Kate Somerville goat milk cleanser is a really gentle moisturising cleanser that is great for sensitive skin. Your skin feels really calm, nourished and super soft after using this, and it isn’t heavily fragranced. The cleanser isn’t enough if you are wearing a full face of makeup, you probably would need to use mircellar water before, but it is great as an everyday cleanser for the no-makeup / light makeup days (which is me 98% of the time).


Pixi glow tonic is a really popular toner and rightly so. It is an exfoliating toner and has 5% glycolic acid which is great for brightening up your skin. I initially thought this would dry my skin out massively and be too harsh but it really isn’t. This is the one product I’ve used consistently for a long time and it really helps with the overall complexion of my skin, and it really does leave my skin feeling bright and glowy.

Eye cream

Cerave eye repair cream is a really nice light weight eye cream. I feel some eye creams can be really thick and greasy, which can then make your concealer look quite cakey. I have been use this consistently for around a month and it has really helped diminish my dark circles. I feel eye cream is one of those products I’ll be thankful for using in the future as it is meant to prevent wrinkles under your eyes.

Face cream

Kiehls ultra facial cream is one of the BEST face creams I’ve ever used. Moisturising my face is my favourite step in my skincare routine and this product makes the whole process even better. It is the perfect balance between thick and creamy but not making your face feel heavy. It really leaves my skin feeling hydrated the whole day and it doesn’t feel greasy at all underneath makeup.

My three book recommendations to read during isolation…

Reading is something I’ve always loved since I was little, however, university kind of ruined that for me for a little while (I’m sure others can relate). At the beginning of 2020 I made it one of my resolutions to start reading more and I set my self a small goal to read a book month. I’m two down at the moment and it’s March so I’m not doing terribly.

If you have a similar resolution to me and thought isolation is a good time to really work on it, I have recommended three books that you can add to your list. All three books are quite different to one another so hopefully there’s one you’re interested in.

My favourite genre is fantasy. I love just getting whisked away in some magical, alternative, dystopian universe and The Night Circus is a book to do just that. This book takes you through a time period from the late 1800s all the way to 1985. The intense creative writing makes you feel like you are part of this marvellous, enchanted circus. The book isn’t just about this magical circus appearing without warning in fields around the word, it’s also about a rivalry between two magicians, as-well as a love story being added in. I don’t want to say much more, but trust me, this book is enchanting.

Homegoing has a special place in my heart as I read it during my second year of University when I hadn’t read a book for nearly a year. Homegoing made me realise how much I love finding a good book and getting stuck in. This book is set during slavery and starts in the late 18th century, as it explores two sisters who lead completely different lives. One is sold into slavery whilst one is a slave trader’s wife. This is a multigenerational story which delves into eight generations. This book wasn’t an easy read emotionally, but it was very powerful and it explores American slavery and African colonialism in a really thought provoking way.

My final recommendation is a book I’m currently reading and I haven’t quite finished it yet (nearly there), but I’m really enjoying it so far. This book is based on Lale Sokolv’s life during his time in Auschwitz where he became the tattooist. This is a love story between Lale and the girl he tattoos – Gita. This book really captures human survival and the risks so many took to look out for not just them-selves, but of those around them. I’m really eager to find out how Lale and Gita’s love story ends.


Hey guys (aka all my friends I told to read this)!

As you all know, we are currently in a crazy pandemic that all seems like some dystopian walking dead alternative universe. Seeing as we all are social distancing and have all this time, I thought why not start something I’ve always said I was going to start but I never actually took the initiative.

This blog is going to be a lifestyle blog where I talk about all my favourite things – from my favourite books to my favourite skincare products. I’ll also add in some holiday recommendations (for after this cora cora goes away). It’ll basically be my little self-isolation project… Enjoy!