My three book recommendations to read during isolation…

Reading is something I’ve always loved since I was little, however, university kind of ruined that for me for a little while (I’m sure others can relate). At the beginning of 2020 I made it one of my resolutions to start reading more and I set my self a small goal to read a book month. I’m two down at the moment and it’s March so I’m not doing terribly.

If you have a similar resolution to me and thought isolation is a good time to really work on it, I have recommended three books that you can add to your list. All three books are quite different to one another so hopefully there’s one you’re interested in.

My favourite genre is fantasy. I love just getting whisked away in some magical, alternative, dystopian universe and The Night Circus is a book to do just that. This book takes you through a time period from the late 1800s all the way to 1985. The intense creative writing makes you feel like you are part of this marvellous, enchanted circus. The book isn’t just about this magical circus appearing without warning in fields around the word, it’s also about a rivalry between two magicians, as-well as a love story being added in. I don’t want to say much more, but trust me, this book is enchanting.

Homegoing has a special place in my heart as I read it during my second year of University when I hadn’t read a book for nearly a year. Homegoing made me realise how much I love finding a good book and getting stuck in. This book is set during slavery and starts in the late 18th century, as it explores two sisters who lead completely different lives. One is sold into slavery whilst one is a slave trader’s wife. This is a multigenerational story which delves into eight generations. This book wasn’t an easy read emotionally, but it was very powerful and it explores American slavery and African colonialism in a really thought provoking way.

My final recommendation is a book I’m currently reading and I haven’t quite finished it yet (nearly there), but I’m really enjoying it so far. This book is based on Lale Sokolv’s life during his time in Auschwitz where he became the tattooist. This is a love story between Lale and the girl he tattoos – Gita. This book really captures human survival and the risks so many took to look out for not just them-selves, but of those around them. I’m really eager to find out how Lale and Gita’s love story ends.

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