Skincare favourites

Happy Sunday and well done for getting through the week!

Seeing as it is Sunday, I thought it was only right to talk about skincare as Sunday’s are all about pampering and self care. I haven’t always been the best at keeping up a skincare regime but recently I have found products that I’ve fell in love with and it has made me want to keep up with my skincare routine.

For me, a good cleanser, toner, eye cream and face cream are the most important skincare products. Serums and oils are useful as-well, but I really like to focus on the beginning and end steps in a skincare routine. My skin is combination but more on the dry side and it is quite sensitive so I have to be really careful with what products I use. I would like to point out that the products I mention are a little bit on the pricey side, but that is only because skincare is the one thing I really like to invest in, especially as my skin can be quite sensitive.


Kate Somerville goat milk cleanser is a really gentle moisturising cleanser that is great for sensitive skin. Your skin feels really calm, nourished and super soft after using this, and it isn’t heavily fragranced. The cleanser isn’t enough if you are wearing a full face of makeup, you probably would need to use mircellar water before, but it is great as an everyday cleanser for the no-makeup / light makeup days (which is me 98% of the time).


Pixi glow tonic is a really popular toner and rightly so. It is an exfoliating toner and has 5% glycolic acid which is great for brightening up your skin. I initially thought this would dry my skin out massively and be too harsh but it really isn’t. This is the one product I’ve used consistently for a long time and it really helps with the overall complexion of my skin, and it really does leave my skin feeling bright and glowy.

Eye cream

Cerave eye repair cream is a really nice light weight eye cream. I feel some eye creams can be really thick and greasy, which can then make your concealer look quite cakey. I have been use this consistently for around a month and it has really helped diminish my dark circles. I feel eye cream is one of those products I’ll be thankful for using in the future as it is meant to prevent wrinkles under your eyes.

Face cream

Kiehls ultra facial cream is one of the BEST face creams I’ve ever used. Moisturising my face is my favourite step in my skincare routine and this product makes the whole process even better. It is the perfect balance between thick and creamy but not making your face feel heavy. It really leaves my skin feeling hydrated the whole day and it doesn’t feel greasy at all underneath makeup.

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