What I’ve been watching recently and loving!

I am a big TV binger! I am that person who finds a good show and stays up till the crack of dawn watching episode after episode. However, nowadays I have enough hours in the day so I don’t have to stay up until the early hours of the morning finishing a TV series.

Recently I’ve watched some great things on Amazon Prime and Netflix that I want to recommend. Just like my book recommendation post, each series is quite different from one another so hopefully there is one that interests you.

If you watch one thing from reading this blog post, PLEASE WATCH THIS! Season 1-3 is on Amazon Prime, they haven’t put season 4 on there yet but I was too impatient so I found a dodgy website to watch it on…oops. It basically follows this family and it goes back and forward in time and delves into each character throughout the series… the first episode reveals everything you need to know. This series will make you laugh, cry and want to fall in love. Please watch it, it is genuinely the best.

This has been quite popular on social media so I thought I would give it a try. I had pretty low expectations because I couldn’t see how I could get into a docuseries about cheerleading… oh was I wrong! This gripped me from the first episode and it really opened my eyes to the competitive world of cheerleading. If you saw this on Netflix and was a bit apprehensive like me, please give it a try because it was so good, interesting and emotional. I have a new found respect for cheerleaders and the crazy stunts they have to do.

I just finished watching this on Netflix today. It only has four episodes so it is really short but so well done, so much is packed in four episodes. The series is about a girl called Esty who flees her Ulta-Orthodox community in Brooklyn New York and goes to Berlin. Even though it is an American TV series, they speak a lot of Yiddish in it and a little German, but I found subtitles just fine as they do still speak English. Esty’s story was truly captivating and eye opening, and this was a great show about personal discovery.

7 thoughts on “What I’ve been watching recently and loving!

      1. Jed Blankson says:

        I need to finish cheer! My sisters started watching it and I thought it wouldn’t be for me but boy was I surprised by the first episode. Much more than pom poms and frilly skirts! Thanks again Sonali I will watch the rest now.


  1. Chris B Duck says:

    Thank you, these are great recommendations! Binged Unorthodox yesterday and loved it. Not something I’d have even glanced at when browsing normally. Can’t wait for more recommendations like this!


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