My sleep experiment experience in Australia

Hello! It’s been a while – the world has been pretty crazy since the last time I posted. Please check this link for sources / info regarding Black Lives Matter. BLM is not a phase – keep the conversations going, keep educating your-self, keep donating if you can, keep signing petitions and keep practising anti-racism. […]

Recent skincare purchases!

Hello!! Now, I don’t know about you guys but during quarantine I have been shopping like there’s no tomorrow. For why? I don’t know. ASOS and Cult beauty are probably sick of seeing my details on their website (they most definitely aren’t #capitalism) . Amongst all the unnecessary stuff, there’s some things that are worth […]

Jed’s quarantine album recommendations

Jed Blankson: It’s been around 40 days since BoJo announced the lockdown and it’s a miracle how we’ve managed to stay sane throughout this strange period of our lives. In fact, I’m surprised at how quickly April flew by, April DID NOT want to see COVID-19. April said, “I’m not involved”. On a more serious […]

What I eat in a day!

Quarantine has been many things, but amongst the negatives there has been some positives. One positive is that I’ve actually been eating three meals a day which is big for me as I skip breakfast 80% of the time (I know, I know). I am in no way shape or form a good cook or […]

What I’ve been watching recently and loving!

I am a big TV binger! I am that person who finds a good show and stays up till the crack of dawn watching episode after episode. However, nowadays I have enough hours in the day so I don’t have to stay up until the early hours of the morning finishing a TV series. Recently […]

Skincare favourites

Happy Sunday and well done for getting through the week! Seeing as it is Sunday, I thought it was only right to talk about skincare as Sunday’s are all about pampering and self care. I haven’t always been the best at keeping up a skincare regime but recently I have found products that I’ve fell […]

My three book recommendations to read during isolation…

Reading is something I’ve always loved since I was little, however, university kind of ruined that for me for a little while (I’m sure others can relate). At the beginning of 2020 I made it one of my resolutions to start reading more and I set my self a small goal to read a book […]


Hey guys (aka all my friends I told to read this)! As you all know, we are currently in a crazy pandemic that all seems like some dystopian walking dead alternative universe. Seeing as we all are social distancing and have all this time, I thought why not start something I’ve always said I was […]

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